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MENDING– A Definition

(From Webster’s New College Dictionary):

Mending: 1. the act of one who mends; 2. things to be repaired by sewing, darning, patching, etc.

Mend (vt.): 1. to repair something broken, torn or worn; restore to good condition; make whole; fix; to make better. 2. improve; reform; set right. 3. to atone for; make amends for.

Mend (vi.): 1. to get better; improve, esp. in health. 2. to grow together again or heal, as a fracture.

Mend (n.): 1. the act of mending; improvement. 2. a mended place, as on a garment

On the mend: improving, esp. in health.

Mend (notes): THE general word implying a making whole again something has been broken, torn, etc.


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