After the Tree book project

A Tale of Broken Branches

Tale of Broken Branches

Author’s Maternal Family Tree


Burt Bridges marries Mary Magee

and they conceive one son:


Burt Bridges is lynched in 1904, just before Houston is born on December 15, 1904


Mary marries John Buckley, who adopts Houston, who becomes Houston Buckley


Houston Buckley marries Avis Calloway

and they begat seven sons and one daughter:

Herbert Buckley

Houston Buckley Jr.

Hural Buckley

Shelby Buckley

David Buckley

James Buckley

Billy Joe Buckley

Pamela Jean Buckley



Pamela Buckley marries Donnell Lane

and they begat two daughters:

Cassandra Lane (born 1971)

Lydia Lane (born 1972)

Pamela and Donnell divorce in 1977


Lydia marries Andre Boggus

and they begat one son:

Andre Boggus Jr.

Lydia and Andre divorce


Cassandra marries Ric Francis in 1999

They divorce in 2005


Cassandra marries Marcus Rich (a divorce’ with two sons)

and they begat one son:

Solomon Rich


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