In Memory of Whitney

The Inheritance

I came into this world with a thirst to inherit something, spending my first moments suckling milk from my mother’s breast, but even when the breast withered and my belly was full, it was not enough. And over the years, in spite of all the food that fed my organs and veins, in spite of the arms that wrapped around my skin, the material possessions and successes that validated my ego, wails of emptiness rose up from the pit within me. I searched, gained, lost, always frustratingly aware that I had not quite found “it” in whatever man I was with or job I held or city I lived. All along, it was a thirst, a hunger, a desire for the kingdom, a longing to be apart of that power and glory and self-transcendence promised to us.


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Whitney

  1. Quite lucidly expressed and accurately analyzed. So many are on this quest to fill a void, but they are attempting to fill it with everything but what was intended to fill it. This God shaped void within our hearts can only be filled through a relationship with our God. All other attempts to fill this void will prove futile and frustrating. God bless you and keep up the good work.

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