Viola Davis is Beautiful

So I was sitting in my loctician Mimi’s chair this week, chatting away with her about her new beau, latest karaoke performances and all manner of juicy stuff when I caught a glimpse of Wendy Williams on the tiny TV screen in the distance. I had never seen her show until a visit to my stylist (that’s how I see most shows). During a lull in my conversation with Mimi, I listened to Wendy and her “fashion expert” guest rip through the Oscar fashions, approving this, disapproving that– the usual fanfare. Nothing ground-breaking or eye-opening.

And then.

Near the end of their spiel, they went on the Hair Attack.


The only hair they criticized was the beautifully cropped natural mane that Viola Davis revealed that night. As they made their wise cracks and guffawed, heat rose from my belly to my scalp. I looked at the wig weighing down Wendy’s head and wondered if the lack of oxygen to her scalp was affecting her brain. How could she have looked at the beauty Viola was that night and seen anything but magnificent fierceness?

(Oh– I know how).

As much as I love Viola as an actress, I had never cared for the puffy wigs she donned (irony alert: am I a hypocrite?), so I gasped with delight when I saw her fiery kinky coiled crop on Oscar night: she was lovely. With a lush green gown framing her glowing brown skin, she looked better than ever. Here’s hoping she doesn’t allow criticism by the likes of Wendy– Wendy???— and some stringy blonde to send her running for wig cover, now or ever.

Check out this awesome spoken word piece about Viola, Wendy and nappy hair: Viola Davis is Beautiful


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