Harmony Tea Bar


Always on the lookout for healthy, good-tasting drinks that I can make (or enhance), here’s a sample of what I toyed with today:


8 ounces of ice-cold water (in a glass-glass)

1 pack of Crystal Light’s PURE (ALL NATURAL) grape-flavored drink mix (15 calories)

1 Lemon

Two plump strawberries

A couple of juicy red grapes

3 cubes of ice (or crushed ice)

Stir powder in water. Squeeze juice from lemon until it is dehydrated and the skin on your fingers is burning. Thinly slice strawberries and drop in lemonade. Tease some juice from the grapes and drop those red boys in. Dunk in your ice and stir until the glass nearly frosts over.

Enjoy on your porch or balcony under the sun. When all the juice is gone, wipe the frown from your face and look into your glass: Re-discover, then savor each sweet morsel of lemon-infused fruit. Slowly.



2 thoughts on “Fruitade

  1. Cassandra your new drink sounds absolutely delicious and looks divine, and soo healthy which is what I like. I can’t wait to try it.

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