Gen X Gardening

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Read this article Generational Attacksaddressing the attacks on yet another Gen X (and Y) flaw: our “lack of gardening.”Surrounded by Boomers, I have heard countless attacks on the ills of my generation: from how noncommittal we are to how terrible we are as mothers/parents to how “our” Hip Hop and social media have destroyed the very fabric of America. LOL. Now, here’s another that’s new to me: We apartment-dwelling nimwits know nothing about gardening, taking care of and giving back to the land.Well, Boomers, I have started my own little Urban Garden patch on my porch –yes, “my porch” (above images) and am even planning to try my hand at digging some holes in the ground and scattering some seeds there before re-shoveling the dirt and watering (hopefully, my scattered, multi-tasking, noncommittal self will remember to water regularly). Gen X hubby and I also plan to start (gasp!) a little greenhouse and compost out back. We like to buy from the local nursery down the street, which is managed by a guy a couple of years younger than we are!
Will post pics on Facebook.

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