PreK Technology

So I’m sitting in a room next to a squealing group of Pre-kindergartners. They are taking a break from their technology class, where a technology and elementary education specialist uses iPads to bolster their writing, language, math, reading and drawing skills.

My roles here are twofold: I work for the college prep organization that launched this pilot program and my four-year-old son is a member of the Class of 2025 Technology Academy. Our mission is all about helping underrepresented students gain access to four-year institutions of higher learning. Traditionally, we have started with 4th grade, but this year, we broadened our scope, as research continually shows a strong correlation between pre-K and college admissions.

This pilot program consists of a small group of African-American boys, and it has been my pleasure to watch them expressing their love of learning, navigating their Apple machines in a way I cannot. My prayer is that they will continue as a cohort through elementary, middle, high school and college, excelling in education, whether that learning comes through a shiny piece of equipment or not.



4 thoughts on “PreK Technology

  1. This is such an awesome learning experience for pre-schoolers. My grandson is going to be a genius 🙂

    • Charmaine, it really is! I love what the boys are doing– the challenge is finding ways to balance their iPad fascination with basic learning tools as well: pencil, crayon, paper, etc. 🙂

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