Oh, How I Longed for Thee

After spending weeks in withdrawal, this gal’s rusty fingers are back at it, typing away on a new keyboard at home.

Of course, all my writing, reading, blogging and responding are ancient, backed up like a 50-year-old toilet clogged with the roots of on an old oak outside. (Is that even possible? Don’t know, but I do know we paid a pretty penny to have a plumber use high-tech cameras and equipment to locate and cut through the knarled roots of a tree wreaking havoc on the plumbing of this fixer-upper we bought). Likewise, I’ll have to don a bucket and mop to clean up the outpouring of information piled up in my home office.

What I did when I was without a computer:

1. Some yard work: tilling, planting, pruning. (It’s still a mess)

2. Broke in the gigantic built-in brick BBQ in the backyard. (Check out the Little Son toasting a marshmallow while Mommy roasts corn)

3. Threw hubby (who turned 46) his first-ever birthday party! (Hey, it’s not my fault: I’ve only known him for six years, and he’s always told me he didn’t want to “make a fuss.”)

4. Spent great moments at club’s brand-new gym, which (for now) has an updated, spa energy about it. Loving sweating out toxins and stress in the sauna.

5. Took out all of my old journals, lined them up, and promised myself that I would go through them, searching for treasure, writing by hand to work a new part of the brain.

6. Prepared to teach my first teen class at church. The lesson went well, and was simply called, “The Blood.” (The best part was using my public library to work when, had my new computer been here, I’d have driven right past it).

7. Hung out with neighbors and had some surprising treats: fresh sugarcane juice that my neighbor extracted right in his yard; the prickly land of a beautiful dragon fly…

8. Strolled the neighborhood (more like, raced son on foot while he blew me out on his wheels).

9. Took beach strolls. (No running, ’cause it was HOT!).

10. Listened to some live music (Miguel Atwood Ferguson is AMAZING on the viola!)

Turns out you can get a lot done without a computer, but as one who is constantly writing, it is nice to be back up and running, despite the fact that this new keyboard is situated a few inches to the left, forcing typos. (Or am I just that rusty?).



12 thoughts on “Oh, How I Longed for Thee

    • Yay, Jueseppi! Hey Man! I know that’s right! A guy in the sauna was telling me today that only prayer could change this country, not voting. He was a cool-looking tatted African-American guy, older, wisened by living. As I was leaving, I turned and said, “Don’t forget to vote, ’cause it’s prayer AND voting that we need! LOL

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