No Other Option

The Dems are rocking the Convention. I’m just listening to Clinton’s phenomenal speech. Last night’s were stellar. First Lady had me feeling empowered to embrace the superheroine that I am: Mom-in-Chief. And there is so much that we mother, that we nurture, that we grow as women– our children, our careers, our art, our families, our political elections…

Tonight’s speeches continued to build on the foundation that was laid last night. All of the speakers have been exceptional, but Clinton is such a natural: seasoned, clever, smooth and steep in wit, like strong, iced black tea.

Of course, he’s preaching to the choir here, but for anyone straddling on the fence: Is there really any option? Listen to Clinton’s argument: sharp in its simplicity. Give President Barack Obama four more years to continue the work he’s put in motion to help set this country back on its feet again.

He can’t do it alone. He’s got my vote and my prayer. May God get his back.


4 thoughts on “No Other Option

  1. I believe I know where you stand but I would like to share a little info I found on a blog Yesterday… Out of the top 10 point declines in the Dow Industrials, 5 of them occurred in the fall of 2008

    Oct 22nd 2008 514 pts 5.7pct

    Oct 9th 2008 679 pts 7.3pct
    Dec 1 2008 680pts 7.7pct
    Oct 15th 2008 733 7.9pct
    Sept 29th 2008 778 7pct
    Is that what we liked better ?
    I bring this up because I’m sick of slogan marketing of candidates. Four years ago we were worried about whether or not our financial system would fail. We were worried about whether the auto industry would fail. We were worried about whether or not housing would drop to zero and we were concerned with whether or not it would ever come back. We were concerned with what the bottom in job losses would be and whether or not there even was a bottom.
    Four years ago we were looking around and describing our situation as “The Great Recession”. Just the fact that we are no longer saying “We are in the midst of a Great Recession” by definition means that as a country we are better off financially and psychologically than we were 4 years ago. Can we please put that slogan to bed already ?

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