Great piece by Jueseppi of on voter suppression!

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.






A troubling story that has not gotten much attention this election season — or any recent one, for that matter — is why a certain group of roughly 5.3 million Americans won’t be allowed to vote. It isn’t because they’re underage or non-citizens or mentally incompetent. It isn’t because they’re unregistered or physically unable to get to the polls. It isn’t even because they’re limping around with a chronic case of political apathy.

The reason they can’t vote is that they’re felons.


Oh, well. Felons, you say. They’re criminals, for Pete’s sake. Of course they shouldn’t have the right to vote. But why is that, exactly?

If a convicted felon is released from prison and expected to become a useful, law abiding citizen and reintegrate themselves back into society…why would the American right to vote not be afforded that ex-convict?



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