G’s Platform is Up and Running (Or, On and Crackin’)

I am SO proud of my little sister in the way only a big sister can be (yes, I taught her everything –ever’thang– that she knows).

God gave Lydia Lane Jackson a vision some months ago: to create and manage a nighttime Christian entertainment space in Orlando, Florida, and she (eventually) said, “Yes.”

You can read about her vision here:

Two weeks ago, G’s Platform held its first event at The Venue:

This Saturday night, Oct. 13, G’s is back at the same spot with live music, comedy, delicious Caribbean food and lots of brotherly and sisterly love.

If you are in or anywhere NEAR the Orlando area, BE in the house.


8 thoughts on “G’s Platform is Up and Running (Or, On and Crackin’)

  1. Thank you sis! Saturday night was awesome! The atmosphere was upscale, the talent was top notch professional, from host Mr McKinnon, Live band “Nathan Shorter & Friends”, comedian “Preacher Lawson”, DJ “J Entertainment”,EMCEE “Ciryl”, recording artist Larry Ballard” and more to the open mic performers. I don’t have enough words to express the fulfillment from the entire night! G’s Platform is a recreational fulfilling experience that is definitely outside the that will leave you inspired, rejuvenated & restored. Come greet & mingle and get your Spiritual high. I’m just coming off mine! More to come soon!

  2. Cassandra you should be very proud of your sister, and very happy and excited about what she’s done. I truly cannot wait until the day that I can go!

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