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No– Blogging Does NOT Kill Writing

No– Blogging Does NOT Kill Writing

What’s your opinion on this? It’s an older piece, but the sentiments are still out there.


6 thoughts on “No– Blogging Does NOT Kill Writing

  1. I wish blogging was available to me when I was in the prime of my writing imagination. I was working a 9 – 5 and raising kids. I wrote but didn’t have the time or energy to shop my work. It was read by family and friends. At least now I have strangers reading my work. So I think blogging has enhanced writing.

  2. Writing is writing, is it not? Blogging gives another option which may otherwise make writing unlikely for some, and while pen and paper may still be the preferred option for some writings, blogging just adds another dimension. So, no, blogging does not kill writing!

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