A Time for Prolonged Prayer

Sabbatical — 1) of or suited to the Sabbath; 2) bringing a period of rest that recurs in regular cycles

Prayer [ME preiere <OFr < ML precaria < L precarius, obtained by begging < precari, to entreat] — 1) the act or practice of praying, as to God; 2) an earnest request; entreaty; supplication

Sometimes, we just have to stop. With destruction and corruption falling down in torrents, we, the people of this country, cannot continue to pretend that we do not need divine help. Yes, let’s do all we can and are responsible for doing– assisting and donating to the victims of Hurricane Sandy; educating ourselves and others about the political race and other national and global matters; VOTING; being good neighbors and workers…

But the soul of this country is crying out for us to stop and go deeper. To find time to pray for each other and our leaders, to beg for understanding and clarity and right action.


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