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Perfect Will

Last night, I was listening to a message called “The Perfect Will of God,” taught by Pastor Brian Brodersen. He discussed the importance of understanding that God has a general will for humanity and a personal will for each of us.
These are the clues, he said, to deciphering God’s perfect “personal” will for us:
1. An INCLINATION within us towards something + an ENABLING (that is, the gifting, or ability, God gives us to do something)
3. CONFIRMATION. But note, the confirmation, or affirmation, is not always clear. When it is not, here are some ways to tease it out:.
         1. Being in the Word, looking for clarity through scriptural revelations.
         2. Activating your faith.
         3. Seeking unbiased Godly counsel.
         4. Taking an honest assessment of your circumstances, both favorable and unfavorable. In fact, the unfavorable circumstances sometimes place us right in the center of God’s will for us.
In whatever way and to whatever degree the clues reveal themselves, “there is always the necessity of faith,” Brodersen says. “God lays out the future plan in a general and a personal way. He gives us just enough (affirmation) to activate our faith and get us to move.”

5 thoughts on “Perfect Will

  1. Interesting post…The general will of God is always so much easier to know than a personal one. I think some people can confuse the issue about whether or not someone is in God’s will, for example some will say “You want to do what you want to and then you want God to bless that”…that statement can confuse a lot of people who genuinely have certain talents and want to use those talents for the betterment of themselves and others. But if things are not ‘happening’ for them, they might question whether or not God wants the same. I think we have to go with our gut instincts…what our hearts are yearning to express with our unique talents. How can we not be in God’s will when we express from the very place he has created within us.


    • Marianne,

      So beautifully stated. I completely agree. I think we get confused when the “results” of our actions don’t line up with our picture of the outcome. I think God is greater than our imaginings, and we limit Him.

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