Harmony Tea Bar

What I’m Drinking (& Thinking)

“Harmony Tea Bar” is on the run this a.m. as I head for work. In my cup: Tazo “Focus” black tea—“a cleverly invigorating mix of black tea, roasted yerba mate, orange essence & cocoa peel.” This tea, says Tazo, “is frequently enjoyed by translators of ancient scrolls and by other gurus of mental calisthenics. Sip it while studying anything from astronomy to the assembly instructions for your new yurt.”Not sure how much “mental calisthenics” I’ll be up to today, but my body is still feeling sore from Boot Camp on Saturday and refreshed from Hot Hula class last night. Couldn’t force this soon-to-be 41-year-old bag of bones to lift out of bed for this morning’s 5:30 a.m. LIFT class, a weight class I just love, but will do the Insanity workout with neighbors tonight after getting off work, picking son up from preschool, figuring out dinner, cooking said dinner, trying to do devotionals I skipped this morning, thinking about the writing I should be doing…

But I digress.

This tea is…good. The orange peel could have been toned down just a tad. The dried cocoa rounds out the citrus; the chicory-laced yerba mate is earthy, sexy and heady. Other notes: rose petals, rosemary (pleasant and surprisingly refreshing touch to the tongue).

I just may be able to “focus” today afterall.

What I added to the goodness above:


*A French Vanilla cream from Sprouts Farmer’s Market (though I am not happy with some of the ingredients, so I need to learn to make my own sweet cream)

*Hot water (duh)


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